5 reasons why women should add a workout to their daily routine

5 reasons why women should add a workout to their daily routine

Have you ever wondered why you are so sluggish during the day?  Or when you get home, you don’t have the energy to cook or even attend to a personal task that needs to be completed. All you want to do is sleep. Well your body is telling you that it needs some tender loving care.

Ladies did you know that our bodies are made to flex and expand in ways that men can’t imagine. Our bodies are made of strength and endurance.

Here are 5 examples of why a daily workout is very important to your life.

  1. Women did you know your body needs to continue to experience the strengthening and endurance throughout our life to survive. Well it’s true, according to researchers from University of Sidney who studied the association between strength training, utilizing gym machines and body weight caused a decrease in death and cancer-related illnesses. The death rate decreased by 23 percent, and that the risk of cancer-related death deceased by 31 percent. 
  1. As the old phase goes, exercise will increase your metabolism. Well ladies, the phase still exists today. The only difference now is it’s imperative to add a little plank and squats into your workout routine.  Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis at the University School of Public Health and the Charles Perkins Center states “strength training boosts your metabolism, burns tons of calories.  You can burn 346 calories in a 13-minute using the six-exercise resistance circuit, which improves your overall joint mobility, and reduces your risk of injury.  Start adding pushups, situps, planks, squats, and anything else you can think of into your routine. It'll be worth it in the long run.” 
  1. It’s important to keep your body active. Women, please if you have not started working out, please start a daily workout as soon as possible. In order to increase your life span, a workout routine is the key.  Researchers found that moderated exercise, (you don’t have to go the extreme), can decrease the risk of heart attack in women. A study by European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress suggested that adding regular exercise to your daily routine can increase your life span. ESC stated, “Everyone should do at least 20 minutes of walking or jogging a day, given the sedentary lifestyles and changes in diet that have contributed to high death rates from heart disease. Exercise can also improve brain functioning. 
  1. Don’t’ forget to make Aerobics part of your daily workout routine. Why, because Aerobics not only improve the cardiovascular system, it also lowers blood pressure. Helps regulated your blood sugar, reduce asthma symptoms, chronic pain, regulate weight and strengthen your immune system.  So, we all need a little Aerobics in our life.   Don’t you agree! 
  1. If you are pregnant or planning on having children check with your doctor first! To see if it’s ok to incorporate some sort of exercise in your life.  Bringing a life in the world is a prime example of how magnificent our bodies are. How our bodies transition to welcome a new life is fascinating. Taking a daily brisk walk during pregnancy can contribute to relieving the tension in your body and making your body flexible for delivery.  Walking regulates the blood in your body which gives you and your baby the oxygen it needs throughout the day. 

So, ladies I shared these 5 examples of why a daily workout is important. Because it can increase your life span, so you can fulfill your dreams. And of course, I KAY cares about you.  We want our I KAY divas to stay as healthy as possible, so you can make a difference in the world.    




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